African Geography Tutor

African Geography Tutor 1.2

African Geography Tutor is an educational game about this amazing continent
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African Geography Tutor is part of a series of educational games, developed by AHA! Software, to learn about the countries of this amazing continent. The program has three main functions. First, it will let you explore Africa by scrolling your mouse along the map, to learn about countries' locations with extra information on the left-side panel - a good chance to study and recollect. Afterwards, you can challenge your memory by playing one of the two game modes available. In Find Countries mode, you will be asked to locate the country mentioned, and you are given 49 chances to guess its location. In the other game mode, Identify Countries, a location is highlighted in the map, and you will be asked to guess its name. The games are straightforward, but their educational contents make them really worthy to try.

The interface is very simple, showing an interactive map, plus the necessary options and buttons to play the games without any difficulties. African Geography Tutor is freeware, so it can be used without any restrictions. Besides, as it is a small application (508KB), it does not take up significant system resources. It works in all Windows operating systems, except for Vista.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Simple and educational game
  • Freeware


  • Not compatible with Vista
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